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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Do You Yoga ?

After months without much activity, I am back to exercise (Can it happen to a Personal Trainer ? Reeaally ? Yes, indeed we are humans!). Well, I have found that mixing gentle movement with spirituality speeds up my recovery process and also helps me to have a clear and focused mind, as I want to go back into an active life. 

A few years ago, I did not know the difference between Yoga and Stretching. Now, I get it. So, what are the differences ? 


If you absolutely don't want to have a spiritual practice and want to improve your flexibility, relax for a moment, or move in a very gentle way , then look for a Stretching class. 


It means Union. Initially, it is not a physical practise. There are many ways to practice, as you can see on the following pictures. 

On top of helping you to become more flexible, Yoga will help you developing a sense of mindfulness. 

It will teach you how to take the good with the bad in all areas of your life. 

I believe that people who practise Yoga become flexible quicker than those who practise Stretching, because they put their mind into it and don't look for any outcome. 

What I like with Yoga is the fact that there is no competition. You do what your body allows you to do that day. Don't be afraid by those who do crazy poses ! 

I also think that practising Yoga teaches us to become aware and focus ed. 

On top of that, guys ... Here is another reason to try a Yoga class ? #girlsinyogapants :-) 

Indeed, I am a big fan of Yoga. I prefer Yoga over Stretching, because I love the Spirituality that goes along with it. 

Here is a picture of genius Simon, from Yoga Synergy (Australia, Bondi). Check out his fabulous blog if you want to understand more about Yoga. 

And here is a little gem for those who like surfing ... This other genius practises Yoga. 

I would recommend you to start with a teacher in a class, so they will adjust your posture if needed.  If you want to practise at home, here is a good website

So, tell me, do you like Yoga ? Why ? Why not ? 

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