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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Urban Living: how to improve your fitness outside of the gym

Exercising is great. In order to maximise your wellbeing and reach your fitness goals,  get outside! 
  • Get some sun, but don’t get a sunburn. Light-skinned people should be exposed for 10 to 30 minutes a day around noon, while dark-skinned people may need up to an hour of exposure. Vitamin D promotes muscular strength. It helps regulate bone mineral density, protects again cancer, balances the immune system. If you can’t go much in the sun, consider seeing a nutritionist to help you fine-tuning a nutrient-dense diet including some appropriate suppplements.
  •  Get some fresh air. Urban living is a significant source of stress. Prolonged exposure to stress causes wasting of muscle, suppression of the immune system, ulceration of the gastrointestinal tract … Disease often ensues. In order to mitigate the stress of civilization, spend some time in wooded areas as often as possible. Go for a hike, have your lunch in the park, go for a short walk at the beach. When it is impossible to go out, just listen to nature sounds. It can lower your stress level. Three times a year, go for an extended stay in the outdoors. It is a really good way to get back to baseline.
  • Be in a constant low-level activity. Exercising one hour a day is not sufficient to counter the negative health effects of sitting for 10. The idea is not to exercise more than one hour a day before or after work, but rather to keep moving throughout the day. Slow movement spread out is healthier than infrequent bouts of moderate intensity. This will keep your joints fresh and lubricated rather than stiff. It will also reduce the time you need to warm up. Ideally, start your day with a self-massage with a foam roller and some mobility work (gentle movement).
  • Go barefoot. Connect to the ground as often as possible. Your feet are nerve-dense areas. Just being barefoot will improve your entire body awareness. It will help you to have a better posture and may be highly beneficial for your overall fitness. It may also help you to be more aware of everything you do.
 Do you have any questions about this article? I would be pleased to know your thoughts! 

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