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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Paris Versus Bondi

My view as a French Personal trainer ...

The Parisian Girl
  • She exercises several times per week and does not feel guilty on her days “off”. Au contraire, she will enjoy her time to chill out at home, do some shopping with her girlfriends, have a massage or cook dinner for her lovely hubby.
  • She does not train “hard” every single time. If she trains “hard”, she won’t push herself till vomiting, unless she trains for a serious event like a half-marathon.
  • Sometimes she wants to exercise but she would prefer not to sweat. In that case, she may choose a “stretching” class or a gentle walk on a treadmill. 
  • She considers walking and going up the stairs to reach her apartment as an exercise 

The Bondi Girl

  • She aims at exercising every single day, come rain or shine.
  • She gives herself over to any form of high-intensity exercise. She likes military training.
  • If she doesn’t sweat, or she does not vomit after her training, she may be upset and fire her Personal Trainer.
  • Walking is reserved for others. If it happens, it is almost like a punishment.

What do you think ? 

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